Effective relief
from acute migraine attacks
with or without aura



Imigran 50mg 2-tablet-pack available from your pharmacist without a prescription NOW

Do you suffer from debilitating Migraines?

A painful, throbbing head, bright light and noises making things worse, vision affected along with nausea, vomiting? When your migraine starts, symptoms frequently get severe and debilitating.

Taking Imigran at the first sign of a migraine headache helps relieve painful symptoms whether it’s the classical migraine with an aura or the more common form without an aura.

Pain relief developed specifically for migraines

In simple terms, migraine headaches are caused by exchanges that occur between your brain and the blood vessels in your head. Sumatriptan, the active ingredient in Imigran, is used to treat the painful symptoms of migraine headaches by:

  • Narrowing the blood vessels in the head (reducing the blood flow)
  • Stopping pain signals reaching the brain
  • Blocking the release of certain chemicals that lead to pain, nausea, and the other symptoms of migraine you may be experiencing.


Imigran 50 mg tablets

  • For effective relief of migraine attacks
  • Made in Australia


Imigran FDT 50 mg tablets

  • Effective relief of migraine pain
  • Fast disintegrating tablet dissolves 5 times faster* than standard tablets
  • Starts to relieve pain in 30 minutes
  • Made in Australia


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